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Lev Head

​The Lev Head is the most versatile 3-Axis Stabilized Head in the industry and is capable of accommodating a wide range of cameras, including the larger IMAX 3D cameras.

In fact, we have yet to find a camera it can't handle. The Lev Head is also known for its quick lens change. 

The Lev-Head fits easily with any Mitchell Head Mount Crane, and is perfect for Techno-Cranes due to its incredibly light yet durable 40 lb. frame.


  • Ultra lightweight frame

  • 3 axis gyro stabilized camera head (pan, dutch, tilt)

  • Quick and easy installation onto any standard Mitchell Mount

  • Highly stabilized image operating on any type of terrain

  • Operates from  joysticks or wheels per request

  • Quick setup time once the Ultimate Arm receives the camera on set (approximately 30 min)

  • Approximate frame weight: 40 pounds

  • Quick lens-changes





Academy Award



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