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Mercedes ML55 AMG Camera Car

​The Mercedes ML55 AMG camera car performance vehicles have set the standard in the industry and have been designed to be the most versatile camera vehicles in the industry.

Whether it's on a race track, in the snow or off-roading, these vehicles can handle it. This powerful and dynamic vehicle can hit top speeds of 100 plus; enhancing and maintaining the stable shots created by The Ultimate Arm and Lev Head.


  • Racing roll cage

  • All Wheel Drive

  • Custom racing  coilover shocks

  • Heavy duty custom sway bars

  • 4 HD Monitors via BNC

  • USB Outlets

  • 4 pin XLR power throughout the vehicle

  • Inverter

  • Front and Rear Hitches

  • Steps for roof access

  • Rigging mounts for platforms and rigging

  • Pix 240i recorder for instant playback

  • Line-x coating on all high traffic areas

  • Carbon Fiber wrap and Line-x for a non-reflective surface





Academy Award



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