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Ultimate Arm

The Ultimate Arm is the first Gyro-Stabilized Camera Crane of its kind. It is the most adaptable, weather-resistant, and reliable crane on the market.

With a flexible section built to absorb vibrations before they reach the image, the operator is guaranteed the smoothest shot and most stable image, even when using long lenses in off-road terrain.

The Ultimate Arm has been tested in the toughest of conditions, from Death Valley heat to below zero in the Arctic Circle of Alaska, without ever losing its ability to perform complete 360 degree movement (in less than five seconds) at high speeds. 

If you are looking for flexibility with durability, the Ultimate Arm is a must for your next production. It fits with any Mitchell Mount Head in the industry, and comes equipped with quick-change extensions that can be retrofitted in minutes for high wide shots.

The Ultimate Arm can be mounted on boats, trains, cars, or whatever your visual sequence requires. The Ultimate Arm can be shipped all over the world and has been used by the finest crews in the film industry and part of some of the most exciting movie scenes; from the exhilarating Bat-Mobile sequence in 'Batman Begins' to the high-octane chase scenes in '007: Casino Royale and Skyfall'.


  • Rotates 360 degrees in less than 5 seconds

  • Crane arm pans up to 90 degrees a second

  • Fully controlled from within camera car

  • Can be safely operated at speeds over 100 MPH

  • Unique flexible design with full image stability in all conditions

  • High stability allowing for  smooth dolly shots

  • Lightweight design allows for easy setup on various platforms

  • Can be rigged easily on trains, boats, and virtually any size automobile available

  • 3’-6” wide and 5’-0” tall

  • Maximum Lens height 17’6” (in standard extension mode) and up to 20’6” height w/ special rig (requires notification and extra set up time)

  • Minimum height -6’0” below grade (with extension)





Academy Award



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