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This new spring mount was built out of necessity, to push the limits of off-road filming as well as ​other forms of tracking.

It was also designed being mindful of the needs of all gimbals on the market from 100+ pounds down to under 10 pounds. This core idea of the system is to allow the crew to push the limits and achieve better shots without being excessively rough on the gimbal and camera package. The system can be used on any terrain regardless of environmental conditions while also being smooth enough for stage and road use. It has been tested in some of the roughest and unforgiving places on the continent. The system is highly adaptable and can be attach to virtually any tracking vehicle, dolly, or one of our many purpose-built camera cars. It can be mounted in minutes, in a multitude of ways onto virtually anything that uses mounts such as standard speed rail, posts, and 2-inch hitch receivers. Available for rent or purchase.

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