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About The Equipment 

The Ultimate Arm is a high-speed, high-torque, gyro-stabilized remote-controlled camera crane. It is designed and developed for extreme operating conditions and high-image stability. Unlike the other camera cranes, the arm and counter balanced rear are independent of each other which allows the crane arm to absorb the frequency and reduce the oscillating effect that often plagues more rigid arms. The Ultimate Arm is a driving force in the film and television industry, prized for its ease of operation and flexible use.

About The Company

Founded in 2003 by George Peters and Joseph Bednar, Adventure Equipment was created as a venture dedicated to capturing stable images for the film and television screen, without productions having to make concessions in regards to terrain, weather or speed. The Ultimate Arm was born out of passion for pushing the limits to get amazing footage...​

About The Founders 

George Peters began working as a grip on movie sets as a teenager, and hasn't left the set since. George still takes an active role in running the daily operations of Adventure Equipment LLC, as well as operating the Ultimate Arm and Levhead throughout the world.

Joe Bednar specializes in business management and currently owns and operates many successful business and takes an active role in the management of the Ultimate Arm by Adventure Equipment.

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